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We Care to Challenge

Year 7 Director of Students

Mr Fearn

 Pastoral Assistant: Mrs Parkin

 Tutor Groups

 7S Mr Iglesias


 7T Mrs Godfrey


 7U Miss Stacey


 7V Mrs Parkin 


 7W Ms Nicholson


 7X Mrs Murray


 7Y Miss Pender


 7Z Miss Trodd




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Your 'Top 4' Prefects for 2020-21

Head Prefect - Hannah Coppock
Head Prefect - Will Phippen
Deputy Head Prefect - Grace Ballantyne
Deputy Head Prefect - Jasper Hewitt

Your voice matters!

If you ever have any ideas or suggestions to make the Wavell an even better school in which to learn, please speak to any of the Prefects.

PDF icon Full List of Prefects



Year 7

You will find links to Year 7 news and information on this page.

 Latest Year 7 News... 

Year 7 Housepoint Totals: Autumn Term 1 2020

Congratulations to 7V, the winning Year 7 Tutor Group this term!


This week's Year 7 Housepoint Leaders... 

Δ Grace Godfrey

Δ Gareima Thapa

Livia Daplyn

Δ Freddy Gibson

Δ Joseph O'Sullivan

Your equipment is your responsibility

  • It’s up to you to make sure that you’ve got everything with you for your lessons each day…
  • ...and to make sure that all your belongings have got your name on/in them
  • Take extra care not to forget things at break, lunchtime and at the end of lessons


Please do not arrive on site before 8.45am

Welcome to the Wavell!

We know and understand that you will be feeling both excited and apprehensive about starting in September especially as you have not had the normal induction process, but don't worry, you're all in the same situation and we will do all we can to help you settle in when you arrive. In the mean time make sure you have watched our Induction Videos and completed your Induction Booklet to help you get to know the School.

These can be found on the Year 6 to 7 Transition page here...


It's OK to worry about coronavirus.

This resource was designed to support your emotional wellbeing. It will show you ways you can keep your body and mind healthy. We're all still here to help you.

Year 7s are always worried about finding their way around a larger school but don't worry, you will soon know where everything is. If you get lost just ask and we'll point you in the right direction! Click on the map below to familiarise yourself with the school layout...


  Our Achievers ...






If you have an achievement you would like to celebrate with us please just let your Tutor, Mr Fearn or Mrs Coombes know.

 Year 7 Information

Crossing SafetyRoad Safety

How to use the

Lynchford Road crossing safely...


Lost Property 

Lost PropertyPlease ensure that ALL your belongings are named.

Do not leave any of your belongings unattended anywhere around the School.

All lost property is handed in to Reception. Named items are then returned to their owners. If you have lost an unnamed item please ask at Reception to see if it has been handed in.



All payments for trips etc should be paid in to the School Bank in B Block at breaktimes.

Canteen payments should be paid into the biometrics machines in the hall or outside the staff room.


Ball games

All ball games must take place in the courts, not on the South Playground.


Year 7 Housepoint Rewards