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We Care to Challenge

May 2022

Every month the LRC features 'Books of the Month' linked to a PSHE theme. This Month is Mental Health Awareness and our featured books are 'How not to Lose it' by Anna Williamson and 'The Sound of Everything' by Rebecca Henry. Click on the image below to read more. These and many other books on this theme are available from the LRC's 'Shelf Help' section.

Hampshire Youth Parliament Make Your Mark 2022

We had a fantastic response to the campaign within the school, with votes being cast for a wide range of issues, from young people’s input into the recovery from COVID-19 to jobs, access to support for mental health issues, and education and learning. Read the full story here...

April 2022

During PSHE Year 7 and 8 students have been discussing why language matters and learning how to make thoughtful vocabulary choices by creating Blackout poems celebrating diversity. Read more... 

March 2021

The Education Committee held a session with children and young people to hear about their experiences of the covid-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on their futures.

Former Wavell student, Bethan Hoggan was selected to take part in the session which can be seen here...

January 2021

All students are currently working towards earning their Virtual Wavell Citizenship Award during their remote learning PSHE lessons. 

They are awarded a virtual badge on Satchel One for every task completed.

  • Complete three badges for the Bronze Award Certificate
  • Complete four badges for the Silver Award Certificate
  • Complete five badges for the Gold Award Certificate

The students who show an outstanding contribution during the Virtual Wavell Citizenship Award will win a voucher!

Week 1: Green Badge

See what students have submitted for their Green Badges here...


Week 2:

Great Helpers Badge 

See more here...

Week 3:

Tidying Badge

See more here...

November 2020

Mental health & Mindfulness

PSHE is looking a little different so far this year. With ours being a curriculum which is reactive to what is happening locally, nationally and internationally, we spent the first half term focussing on Mental Health. Read more here...

Going forward, the PSHE team are continuing to develop new and exciting content to cover modern issues, including:

  • Changing Friendships
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • The BLM movement
  • LGBTQ+
  • The impact of technology on our Mental and Emotional Health

Lizzy's Story: A series of Domestic Abuse short films to reach out to children and young people living with domestic abuse during the Covid pandemic. Click here to view

In collaboration with the RE department, Mrs Mamun has put together a power point presentation about some of the foundations of the Islamic Faith and Ramadan during lockdown.  There are some fantastic links that give a valuable insight into Islam today.