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PSHE Lessons Spring Term 2020

Monday 27th January

Year 7 - Cyberbullying Talk in Main Hall

Year 8 - Citizenship - Social Media
Year 9 - Citizenship - Fake News
Year 10 - Citizenship - County Lines
Year 11 - Exams

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 British Values

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April 2019

Results of the Year 9 Cannabis Debate

57% voted for legalising Cannabis because:

  • Legalisation would reduce criminalised behaviour and that there should be a license that monitors how the user is using weed and whether they are moving onto 1st class drugs.
  • Cannabis isn’t that dangerous compared to other illegal drugs
  • Can be used for medicinal purposes (cannabis oil).


39% voted against because:

  • Can cause problems with mental health
  • Makes people out of control
  • Potentially dangerous behaviour whilst high.


5% abstained because:

  • The situation is not black and white. They felt it deepened on the persons health and mental health, they should be checked first, and the amount should be minimised (all difficult to administrate).





October 2018

June 2018
Year 7 Students completed their Citizenship Projects on Monday 11th June 2018 by presenting them to the whole Year Group who judged them along with the Tutors and a panel of staff. Their presentations were all very well researched and informative as well as being entertaining. Congratulations to 7W who were voted the overall winners with their presentation on 'Staying Safe at Night'.

January 2018

All students received an assembly from the PSHE Forum Students about Mental Health. The powerpoint below was created by the students with facts about Mental Health and how to get help...

Visit our useful websites page for more information about Mental Health issues.