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We Care to Challenge

New Arrival Ambassadors 

We have specially trained student 'New Arrival Ambassadors' to help students who join the School mid-year to settle in as quickly as possible. Our current Ambassadors are:

Year 8: Lucas Paver and Ivo Benev

Year 9: Layla Weller and Cezar Lypovenko

Year 10:  Diya KC and Ilaiasa Ratukula



Welcome Guide

New Students

Welcome to the Wavell!

Our Welcome Guide contains all the information you will need when starting at the Wavell.

The following links also take you to useful information on the website you may like to know when joining us...

School Day 

When does School start and finish? When are lessons and break times?...





What do I have to wear?...





What Clubs and activities are there to join?...





How can I get to School?...





What meals are available and how do I pay for them?...



Help and Advice


Who can I talk to if I need help or advice?...