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We Care to Challenge



House Points will be given by all members of staff to students who achieve in any aspects of school life. House Points will be awarded for achievement, effort and progress, social contribution and citizenship.

House Points will also be awarded for attendance and punctuality. Every student will receive one point per day for attending and being punctual.

Certificates and Prizes will be awarded for levels of House Points achieved.

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'Be Proud to Achieve' 

The Wavell has four houses based on the theme of 'the four elements',

Aqua Ignis Mistral Terra

Aqua, Ignis, Mistral and Terra

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Current Housepoint Totals:

Whole School Totals for Autumn Term 1&2:

Year Group Totals for Autumn Term 2 

                                      Year 7                                                             Year 8


                                 Year 9                                                            Year 10

                                                                    Year 11

Winning Houses: 

 2018-19 Winners: MISTRAL

 2017-18 Winners: IGNIS

 2016-17 Winners: IGNIS

 2015-16 Winners: AQUA

 2014-15 Winners: AQUA