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We would like to notify you of our new school day which is going to start from 6th September 2019.  There is no reduction to the length of our lessons and there is no change to the start of the day.


The key change for you to note is that the new official finish time is 3.15pm with lessons finishing at 3pm.


The School Day

 8.25 am Movement Bell - Students to make their way to Tutor Rooms  or Assembly 
8.30 am  -  8.45 am Registration / Year Group Assembly*
8.45 am  -  9.40 am PERIOD 1
9.40 am  -  10.30 am PERIOD 2
10.30 am  -  10.55 am Break
10.55 am  -  11.45 am PERIOD 3
11.45 am  -  12.40 pm PERIOD 4
12.40 pm  -  1.25 pm Lunch
1.25 pm  -  1.30 pm Registration
1.30 pm  -  2.25 pm PERIOD 5
2.25 pm  -  3.15 pm PERIOD 6
3.15 pm End of School Day (for the majority of students)
3.15 pm  -  3:30 pm Detention facility

3.30 pm

Official End of School Day

Please be advised that:

Unless students are working with a member of staff, they must leave the school site by 3.30pm. If they remain on site they are doing so at their own risk. 

If students arrive on site before 8.25am, they will not be supervised unless they are attending a Sports Club or the Breakfast Club. The Drop In Breakfast Club is on Tuesday and Thursday, 7.30am - 8.20am.

The Main Hall Breakfast Canteen serves breakfast from 8am - 8.20am, this is not a supervised breakfast. 

*The Wavell School holds separate assemblies for each Year Group; the pattern is:
Monday -                                 Year   8
Tuesday -                                  Year   10
Wednesday -                           Year   7
Thursday -                                 Year 9
Friday -                                      Year  11
Other special assemblies are also held as appropriate. We have Upper and Lowers School Rewards Assemblies at the end of each Term when all students and staff gather to celebrate achievements and success.