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The Wavell School

Parent Partnership

Increasing the engagement of parents in the life of the School is one of the Headteacher's personal priorities.

We believe in working together in partnership with parents for the benefit of each student with regular communication and involvement via Parents' and Partnership Evenings and our comprehensive reporting system.

Reporting to Parents

The School is committed to the regular marking of work. In order to monitor your child's progress, all of our students are set 'Starting Levels (KS3)/Grades (KS4)' in September (December for Yr7) together with an End of Year Target. The each Term parents will either receive a 'Progress Review' which indicates how your child is progressing towards these Targets or be able to attend a Parent’s Evening to talk to subject teachers.  In Years 9 and 11 students receive a full Record of Achievement (RoA), a written Report from each subject teacher which comments on your child's performance and also areas where they can improve.

Assessment & Reporting

Parents’ Evenings

A regular pattern of Parents' Evenings is arranged to keep you fully informed and to discuss your child’s achievement and progress.

Partnership Evenings

Parents are at the heart of the Wavell Community and the School recognises that parents wish to be involved in their child’s education.  To support parents, we organise a series of Wavell Partnership Evenings, when relevant educational issues are explained or discussed, either using outside speakers or being led by our School staff. Please let us know if you would like key items covered. Documents from all Partnership Evenings can be found under Curriculum Information.


Documents and Policies

Our Home-School Agreement which includes the Role of the Parent and a copy of our Policies can be found here.