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Students are assessed using Stages.

Stages range from 1-9.  1 being the lowest and 9 being the highest.

Each Stage is refined by using the following annotation.  


A guide for assessment


Is consistently able to do all elements of the Stage independently and is starting to be able to do some work from the next Stage up.


Has demonstrated that they are able to do most of the elements of the Stage


Has demonstrated that they are able to do some of the elements of the Stage

The links below describe the KS3 Stages for every subject.

PDF icon Art

PDF icon Computing

PDF icon Dance

PDF icon Design & Technology

PDF icon Drama


PDF icon Reading:Comprehension/ infer and deduce
PDF icon Reading: Summarise and synthesis
PDF icon Reading: Language/ Structure and Form
PDF icon Reading: Comparison
PDF icon Reading: Evaluate
PDF icon Literature Reading: Context
PDF icon Writing: Content & Style
PDF icon Writing: SPaG

PDF icon Food Preparation & Nutrition


PDF icon Geography

PDF icon History

PDF icon Languages

PDF icon Mathematics

PDF icon Music


PDF icon Team Games
PDF icon Striking & Fielding/ Net Games
PDF icon Fitness/ Orienteering
PDF icon Individual


PDF icon RE

PDF icon Science