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A Message for Year 11

As I said during the assembly on 20th March, I have been so impressed with your level of maturity and positivity as a Year Group this year, and I can’t begin to describe the overwhelming feeling of pride that I take – and that you should take – from your achievements. It’s at this stage of your 5 year journey through the school that I start to look back over all the memories that you’ve created since day 1, whilst at the same time, admiring the mature and considerate young adults that you have become. (You’ll read and see more on that in the Yearbook).

For now, until we have the chance for a more formal farewell, let me just say a massive thank you to you all for the wonderful gift that I was presented with on that final Friday, it means so much to have a lasting memento from you all. I sincerely hope that the shirt lasts longer than Scunthorpe’s tenure in the EFL – though it looks as if the premature end to the season may have kept them in League 2 for at least one more season!! Suffice to say that my memories of the Wavell 2020 Cohort will last forever.

Mr Fearn

The Year 11 Court Cup Final on Friday 20th March was a special event for all concerned.

The stands were crowded with fans of both teams, as well as the partisan few who came purely to see elite football on display in Wavell’s Theatre of Dreams.

The players had clearly prepared fully for the final, and despite the usual restrictions on kit being lifted for the day, it was heartwarming to see each individual proudly sporting his team shirt, emblazoned with his own squad number and sponsors!

Despite concerns that the ‘LK Dons’ may have struggled without their first choice ‘keeper between the…err…bags & coats, Todd stepped up to the occasion admirably, almost emulating John Terry’s historic 2006 performance to cover for his fallen teammates.

The game was a competitive affair from the very beginning, with neither team prepared to yield an inch to the other. Even the coin toss (well, rock paper scissors contest) had to be repeated twice, due to the evenness of the two participants. The early exchanges were evenly matched, and it was a good few minutes before the deadlock was broken.

Following a period of intense pressure, ‘Ebotton Albion’ took the lead after 8 minutes, and that was that – on came the goals! Strike after strike, celebration after celebration, the crowd were mesmerised by a flurry of goalmouth scrambles as well as ‘how-in-the-world-did-he-pull-that-off’ saves from both ‘keepers. With 3 minutes to go, Albion maintained their lead, and despite the opposition’s optimistic calls for “next score wins”, the goal tenders held firm and the final score stood at Ebotton Albion 4 v 2 LK Dons.

In the end, the Court Cup Final brought more than our football season to a close, as it took place on what may be the last normal school day that Wavell’s 2020 Leavers cohort spend together in the school. I’m honoured to have been part of the experience, and grateful for the (mostly) fond memories that the contest has given me over the years.

Great game boys, well played!!