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We Care to Challenge

As the Olympic Games have been postponed- and the school trip to Japan cancelled as a result- we're going to try and cover the 9,600 kilometre distance as a school community!

Upload your km's each time you go out (using the link below) from your walk/run/cycle etc and help us get there asap! We suggest you use Google Maps online, free running apps on your phone or a good old fashioned paper map to work out how far you covered.


To upload your km's achieved, go to the web link below (or scan the QR code with your mobile phone) and sign in with your new school email address. This will take you straight to a page with one question on. Please then only enter NUMBERS as a response i.e 3.4 or 12.6 etc. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE KM AT THE END OF IT.

You can also collect any kilometres achieved by the rest of your household and upload these as well. It's a family challenge, so get out there together, run, walk or cycle and don't forget to upload the km's each day!

Upload your distance here!