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BAE Systems Challenge 2024

On Tuesday 7th May 2024 we took a team of 6 Year 10 students to take part in the BAE Systems Challenge at the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre. 13 teams from local schools took part in the Challenge which was to design and make a reconnaissance vehicle with materials provided. 

Once the team had finished making their vehicle they then had to present their design to a panel of judges. There was some trepidation before they went in as it looked just like going into the real Dragon’s Den! They did a great job however, and got a smile from the judges with their amusing presentation.

The vehicle was then tested on an assault course and inspected to check that it passed all the points in the brief, which it did! Finally they had a mini task to build a bridge to hold a number of weights.

The Wavell Team didn’t win but they did very well and we were impressed by how well they worked together and assigned roles so they all had a part to play in the project. Teachers were not allowed to help or give any suggestions how to improve the vehicle or presentation so it was all their own work and they should be very proud of what they achieved.