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The Wavell School

Opening Hours

Mon        5pm - 10pm

Tues        5pm- 10pm

Wed        5pm- 10pm

Thurs        5pm- 10pm

Fri             5pm- 8pm 

Sat            9am - 6pm

Sun           9am - 6pm 

*The Wavell Gym is open from 9am during school holidays

Gym Instructor

Becky Lyndon

Becky’s philosophy is “there is no one quite like you. You come with a particular package of goals, responsibilities and considerations.  Whatever your needs are, we will find a way to get you where you’d like to be. Good food, good sleep and good exercise are helpful ingredients.  Health, fitness and happiness are the keys to life, which will help you feel amazing”.


The gym consists of two Sprite Treadmills, two Bodymax Air Rowers, two Bodymax Indoor Cycles, which are great for Spinning and two Taurus Elliptical Trainers. We also have a Bodymax Power Rack, complete with Battle Ropes. There is a range of other equipment including a Bench Multi Press, Shoulder Press, Lateral Pull Down and a Knee Curl. We also have a selection of Free Weights and a selection of Medicine Balls and Kettle Bells.

In fact for just £10 per month, at the Wavell Gym, you will find everything you need to complete a workout and keep you fit.

How to Join:

First of all you will need to undertake an induction. This will include an in-depth guide on how to use each piece of equipment, weight and blood pressure checks as well as a basic programme, if you wish. Inductions are carried out by our very own Becky Lyndon who has been a strength & conditioning coach and personal trainer, specialising in fat loss for the past 16 years.


The Induction is a one off fee of £50, which includes 3 months' membership. When you join, you will sign up to a Direct Debit, with no tie in, so are free to cancel at any time. Your direct debit will commence 3 months after your Induction and gym membership will cost you just £10 per month, thereafter.


Wow! Such an insightful and inspiring induction- no gym I’ve ever been to has offered an induction with someone as passionate and attentive towards the task as I found you to be.

I am so very grateful for your time, empathy and expertise.

Many many thanks,


To arrange an induction please call
01252 317603