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Welcome to the RE Department

RE Department Staff

Ms J Nicholson        Head of RE 
Miss A Phillips           RE/Cover

RE Curriculum

RE is studied by all students at Wavell through to Year 9 after which there is the option to take GCSE Religious Studies. The RE Curriculum at the Wavell School follows the programme of study set out in the revised Hampshire Agreed Syllabus "Living Difference III" (published December 2016)

During this time students will,

  • Acquire knowledge and develop understanding of the beliefs, values and traditions of one or more religions
  • Consider religious and other responses to moral issues
  • Identify, investigate and respond to fundamental questions raised by religious and human experiences, including questions about the meaning and purpose of life
  • Develop skills relevant to the study of religion

For further details of the curriculum for each year in RE click on the Year group button below:

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