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The Wavell School

Reading Time

Reading for pleasure is a life-enhancing habit which also helps students improve their literacy skills.  We encourage students to select books they’ll enjoy, but which also offer an appropriate level of challenge.  Regular English lessons in the school library throughout Key Stage 3 ensure students choose from the excellent range of fiction and non-fiction available, with support from our library staff. Students keep a log of their reading and respond to tasks which ensure they’re engaging with the books they’ve chosen.  

Every half term we run a Reading Starters week in English lessons.  All week, every student is given the chance to start the lesson by enjoying their current book.  Watch out for the reminders on Satchel to bring your book in.

Cultural Capital Assemblies

Our programme of Cultural Capital Assemblies covers a huge range of topics – from elephants to Arizona, from Leonardo da Vinci, to Dungeons and Dragons – there’s so much to enjoy.  Delivered by Wavell staff and students, these assemblies explore the presenters’ passions and enthusiasms, aiming to interest our students in the wonders of the world around them.  We hope to inspire students by broadening their horizons beyond the school curriculum.