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Literacy Leadership

Leadership and Mentoring opportunities in Literacy provide great ways for students to build their confidence and skills, from listening to Reading Buddies read aloud, to delivering Literacy lessons themselves, presenting in assemblies and judging competitions.  There’s a chance to get involved whatever Year Group you’re in:

Year 7 – Reading Mentors

Year 8 – Reading Champions

Year 9 – Reading Mentors

Year 10 – Literacy Leaders

Year 11 – English Prefects


Literacy leaders

Every week a team of Year 10 students delivers literacy activities to a Key Stage 3 Tutor Group during morning registration.  Peer-to-peer teaching has been proven to be highly effective and our Literacy Leaders teach spelling, punctuation and grammar in a lively, interactive way that motivates younger students.  The team also provide role models for the lower years in the school; many of our Literacy Leaders go on to become prefects in Year 11.  Teaching during morning registration reinforces the message that literacy skills aren’t just for English lessons, they’re for life.

Literacy Leaders 2022-23

Examples of some of the powerpoints our Literacy Leaders deliver:


 Apostrophes of Possession