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Year 8 Dance

What will my child study in Dance during Year 8?

Year 8 students have one lesson of Dance a week for half of the year as part of a rotation with PE.

The content of the course is as follows:

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3
  • Students learn, rehearse, refine and perform a set dance as well as developing the piece through simple motif variation. The emphasis is on technical accuracy.
  • Using text (a poem ‘Time’) as a stimulus, students learn set motifs and develop them in groups with an emphasis on use of space, group shape, varied dynamics and clear structure
  • Students study various tribal dances, looking at the key choreographic features and the meanings behind the dances. The emphasis in this scheme is on the students’ development of choreography by creating their own tribal dance, demonstrating a use of techniques learnt so far.

How will my child be assessed and how will I know how well they are doing in Dance in Year 8?

  • Assessment takes place on a regular basis and takes the form of school based assessment grades.
  • Students will be awarded House Points for good work and effort.

What homework will my child be expected to do in Year 8 in Dance?

  • As this is an entirely practical course, no homework will be set. 

How can I support my child to do well in Dance during Year 8?

  • Ensure your child has the appropriate kit and they bring it to their dance lessons.

  • Encourage participation in extra-curricular activities.

  • Help promote dance as part of a healthy lifestyle.

What equipment may my child need in addition to the standard school equipment?

  • Appropriate kit. This can either be their PE kit, or a T-shirt and shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms. A hair band will be needed to tie long hair back.

By the end of the year, what would an 'expert' be able to do in Dance?

Information to follow

My child is struggling during the course, what additional help is available to help them keep up?

  • 1:1 support in lessons
  • Differentiated tasks
  • Extra scaffolding of tasks
  • Use of studio for rehearsal

Updated September 2023