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Year 7 Religious Education

What will my child study in RE during Year 7?

In Year 7 students explore and respond to aspects of human experience, and investigate religious traditions of the main world religions.  This follows a programme of study set out in the revised Hampshire Agreed Syllabus ‘Living Difference III’(HLDIII) (Published December 2016)

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Introduction unit

Students start their learning journey at The Wavell from a significant number of schools with varying experiences of Religious Education.  With this in mind, we start with a focus on the 6 main Western and Eastern philosophies and their main beliefs so that all students develop a solid foundation, enabling us to move forward and make progress together.


The 6 main world Religions

Western philosophies – Judaism, Islam, Christianity

Eastern philosophies – Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism



  • Beginnings
  • God(s)
  • Rites of passage
  • Afterlife
  • Everyday life
  • Festivals

Judeo-Christian beliefs


In the Spring term focus turns to building student knowledge of the development of the Western philosophies.  This HLDIII unit prepares students for further study through focus on the beginnings of these Abrahamic religions and how they have evolved over time.


Part 1

  • Torah
  • Tradition
  • Israel (Struggle)
  • Remembrance


Part 2

  • New Testament
  • Stories
  • Forgiveness
  • Christianity today

Jesus through Art


The final term of the year will focus on a further HLDIII unit which explores historical and contemporary perceptions of Jesus through works of art over centuries from various countries around the world.


  • Imagery and Icons
  • Impact of imagery on perception
  • Response and Love
  • Relationships
  • Christianity and love

How will my child be assessed and how will I know how well they are doing in RE in Year 7?

  • A minimum of two assignments over the year will be assessed.

What homework will my child be expected to do in Year 7 in RE?

  • In RE, students are expected to complete homework approximately three-four times a term, in line with school policy.
  • The homework set in RE may not necessarily follow on from content covered in class. However, it will benefit and impact on students all as individuals to help understanding of key global issues such as environment and human rights as part of Stewardship.

How can I support my child to do well in RE during Year 7?

Information to follow

What equipment may my child need in addition to the standard school equipment?

Information to follow

By the end of the year, what would an 'expert' be able to do in RE?

  • At the ‘emerging level’ students are able to identify the main ideas in the course content.
  • At the ‘improving level’ students show they can describe and explain the areas covered in the course content.
  • At the ‘higher level’ students show they can offer thoughtful personal responses and be able to compare and contrast different viewpoints on areas covered in the course content.

My child is struggling during the course, what additional help is available to help them keep up?

Information to follow


Updated September 2021