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Year 11 Child Development

Cambridge National in Child Development


Health and well-being for Child Development, the equipment and nutritional needs of children and the development of a child.

Specification at a glance

Exam Board: OCR Cambridge National

Specification Code: J809






Written Paper

(Unit 1) R057

Health and well-being for Child Development



60 Guided Learning Hours

Exam - 1 Hour 15 Minutes

 Summer Term of Year 11

 This Unit is externally assessed by means of a written exam in May/June 2022.

NEA (Unit 2) R058 The equipment and nutritional needs of children




 30 Guided Learning Hours

Autumn and Spring Term of Year 10

Internally assessed and externally moderated.

NEA (Unit 3) R059

The development of a child




 30 Guided Learning Hours

Summer Term of 10 and Autumn Term of Year 11

Internally assessed and externally moderated.

What did my child study during Year 10?

In Child Development, students made a start on the content of the exam component (R057) and then completed and submitted the first piece of NEA (R058).  The content for the second unit of NEA (R059) has also been covered.

Key Ideas Covered:

1st Term

2nd Term

3rd Term


Topic Area 1: Pre-conception health and reproduction

  • Factors affecting pre-conception health
  • Contraception methods
  • Reproduction

Topic Area 2: Choosing suitable equipment for a childcare setting

  • Types of essential equipment
  • Factors affecting suitability and choice


Topic Area 3:

Nutritional needs of children from 0-5 years

  • Government recommendations
  • Nutrients and their functions
  • Plan for preparing a formula feed
  • How to evaluate planning and preparation of a formula feed


Submit R058 NEA



Topic Area 1: Physical, intellectual and social developmental norms from 0-5 years

  • Expected development norms

Topic Area 2: Stages and types of play and how play benefits development

  • The stages of play
  • The types of play
  • The benefits of play


Topic Area 1: Creating a safe environment in a childcare setting

  • Why accidents happen
  • Types of childhood accidents
  • Preventing accidents



Topic Area 3: Observe the development of a child aged 0-5 years

  • Methods of observation
  • Methods of recording

How to use findings from an observation

What will my child study during Year 11?

1st Term

2nd Term

3rd Term


Topic Area 4: Plan and evaluate play activities for a child aged 0-5 years

  • Plan play activities for a chosen area of development
  • How to evaluate plans for play activities

Submit R059 NEA


Topic Area 2: Antenatal care and preparation for birth

  • The purpose of antenatal clinics
  • Screening and diagnostic tests
  • The purpose of antenatal classes
  • The choices for delivery
  • The role of the birth partner
  • Methods of pain relief
  • Signs of labour
  • Stages of labour
  • Methods of assisted birth


Topic Area 4: Childhood illnesses and a child safe environment

  • Recognise the general signs and symptoms of illness in children
  • How to meet the needs of an ill child
  • How to ensure a child-friendly safe environment



Topic Area 3: Postnatal checks, postnatal care and the conditions for development

  • Postnatal checks on the baby
  • Postnatal care of the mother and baby
  • Developmental needs of children


Revision for the final exam

How will my child be assessed and how will I know how well they are doing in Child Development in Year 11?

  • Mrs Smith will mark all NEA tasks, and the marks will be fed back to the students. Grades are not given at this stage because the NEA will be submitted to the exam board for moderation, therefore marks could go up or down. The students will have received their grade for R058 in August 2023.
  • Students will be able to track their progress by completing the Progress Check in their exercise book.
  • Students will sit exam-style end of Topic Area tests throughout Year 11, and the external final exam in June 2024.
  • The Year 11 Exam contains the topics covered in R057.
  • Parents can monitor the progress their child is making by looking at the termly Progress Review.

What homework will my child be expected to do in Year 11 in Child Development?

  • Every two weeks
  • Approximately 15 mins
  • Practise exam questions

How can I support my child to do well in Child Development during Year 11?

  • Encourage your child to complete homework
  • Ensure that coursework is completed and that catch up is attended if required
  • Support them by ensuring they have somewhere suitable to work, away from distractions
  • Buy a revision guide (order forms available to download via this website)
  • Support them to revise and prepare properly for each test

My child is struggling during the course, what additional help is available to help them keep up?

  • After school catch up sessions are available.
  • Revision books can be purchased to assist with understanding.
  • Students should be encouraged to seek assistance from their teacher when they are struggling with any work
  • Recommended Textbooks:  Child Development – Miranda Walker  ISBN: 9781471899751

  • Links: 





 Updated July 2023