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The Wavell School

Ethos and Values

"The school is highly successful in promoting the values of respect and responsibility and in encouraging all students to get involved.” (Ofsted)

The Wavell School’s Ethos and Values are embodied by ‘The Hug’ sculpture which stands prominently at the centre of the School.

Respect is the key value of this School; respect for self, for others and for the School environment. We believe this is the cornerstone of student progress and achievement and makes us the School we are.

Wavell is a dynamic learning community whose ethos is “We care to challenge”. Our School is built on Respect and Aspiration. Every Child Matters at The Wavell School. We are proud to be a multicultural School, an International School and a Duke of Edinburgh accredited School. Teaching young people emotional and physical resilience is paramount to "The Wavell Way” as befits our “Go for It” ethos.

Wavell Values are British Values: we believe that all nationalities and faiths are equally important. The Wavell Community represents inclusivity and celebrates diversity. We believe in democracy, unity and solidarity.