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We Care to Challenge

Year 8 Director of Students

Mrs Smith

 Pastoral Assistant: Miss Cousins

 Tutor Groups

 8S Mr Barker


 8T Mr Greaves


 8U Mr Genziani


 8V Mrs Nicol


 8W Miss Winter


 8X Mrs Philips


 8Y Mr Aslett


 8Z Mrs Barron de Burgh



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Your 'Top 4' Prefects for 2017-18


Head Boy - Adam Richardson
Head Girl - Eleanor Batty
Deputy Head Boy - Jonathan Keenan
Deputy Head Girl - Gemma Minshaw

Your voice matters!

If you ever have any ideas or suggestions to make the Wavell an even better school in which to learn, please speak to any of the Prefects.

list Prefect Body 2017-18


Year 8

You will find links to Year 8 news and information on this page.

 Latest Year 8 News... 

School Council Reps 2017-18

Congratulations to our new Year 8 School Council Reps, Ethan Whiting and Arthur Payne. If you have any issues you would like them to raise with the School Council just let them know!

Year 8 2017-18 Housepoint Totals: Autumn Term 1

Winning Tutor Group for this Half Term 8S

The Wavell Cafe 
HC3S Student Survey 2017

Whether your experiences have been good or bad we want to know. Log on to


We’re listening


  Year 8 Achievers 2017-18

Irene Burton has passed GCSE Spanish with an A*. Well done Irene!

Congratulations to Jasper Hewitt for passing Stage 3 Saxophone

Congratulations to Katie Booth for passing Grade 3 French Horn 

Congratulations to Bethan Godfrey for passing Grade 5 Flute

If you achieve something special this year please let your Tutor, Miss McKie or Mrs Coombes know so that we can celebrate it!


 Year 8 Housepoint Rewards