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Latest House Point Totals


2017-18: Summer Term 1 

All current Housepoint totals can be found here...

Keep collecting those Housepoints Terra!



 Current House events



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Current House Colour Awards

The following students and staff have received Half Colours for their contribution to Terra House success

Jake Martin

Bethan Godfrey
Nicholas Quinn
Cameron Ryan

Joe Clifford
Shakur Johnson
Amelia March
Isabelle Marshall
Kaitlyn McNally
Shanice Pimm
Victoria Ramsey
Luke Richardson
Lily Roberts
Grace Robinson
Vinnie Saunders
Ben Scott
Cadell Seal

William Cook
Isabel Cox
Bethany Mace
Aaron Mead
Keira Patel
Sophie Pattison
Isabelle Rivington
Jack Ujszaszi
Kalen Suzuki-Seago
Danny Worth

Bivika Balal
Rhiana Coombes
Akaisha Davis
Sanish Gurung
Jasmine Neill
Nathan Tayor

Courtney Watts

Mrs Parkin
Miss Kinch
Mr Bates
Miss Hopton
Ms Giblen
Miss Millar
Mr Panons

The following students and staff have received Full Colours for their contribution to Terra House success 

Molly Brooke
Ffion Came-Evans
Jasper Hewitt
Anneke Verkerk
Isabel Cox
Keira Patel
Danny Worth
Faheem Akhtar
Ellen Davis
Macy Corke
Alice Knight
Tom Carpenter
Faith Yendani
Mrs Fydler
Mrs Nicol

 Tutor Group Heroes

7S  Baby Groot
7Z  Juan Mata
8S   Kermit the Frog
8Z   Shrek
9S   Green Giant
9Z   Zach Anner
10S   Leonardo DiCaprio
10Z    Usain Bolt
11S   Lebron James
11Z  The Incredible Hulk



...represents your personal expression and the physical environment in your daily life


Head of House:

Mrs Nicol

House Prefects:

Faheem Akhtar
Ellie Conlon


Latest News:
World Earth Day


Thank you to all Terra Tutor Groups for taking part in the Earth Day Quiz. We Won!

Science Quiz March 2018

KS3: 8Z

KS4: = 11S, 11U, 11Y

Well done Terra Forms, 8Z and 11S!

House Table Tennis Results 2018

Mistral                   210
Aqua                     210
Terra                       92
Ignis                       464

Thank you to those who took part. Bad luck Terra, get practicing for next year! 

House Chess Tournament Results March 2018

Final Scores

Aqua:14    Mistral: 170    Terra: 151  Ignis: 116

Well done and thank you to all of our Terra Chess players. It was a closely fought competition with Mistral!

House Basketball Competition Results February 2018

Year 7 Boys    MISTRAL
Year 8 Boys    MISTRAL
Year 9 Boys    IGNIS
Year 10 Boys    AQUA
Year 11 Boys    = IGNIS, TERRA, AQUA
U14 Girls    TERRA
U16 Girls No tournament ran

Massive well done to the U14 Terra Girls and Year 11 Terra Boys!

House Trivia Quiz Results February 2018

Well done to all of the Terra quizzers! WE WON!!

Christmas Bauble Competition 2017

Thank you for all of your contributions to the Terra House Tree this year...we won!!!

Special thanks to Mrs Nicol for her wreath of hands which proudly topped the tree earning her Full House Colours in January's House Assesmbly.

House Dodgeball Competition Results December 2017

Year 7        4th
Year 8    =  2nd
Year 9    =  3rd
Year 10  =  2nd
Year 11      4th
Overall       4th

Haiku Competition

The Terra winning Haiku

Nagasaki dead,

The whole country full of dread,

Japan will live.

Congratulations to Jasper, Year 8, who has won a £5 voucher and a money plant for his winning entry.

All 4 winning House Haikus and accompanying illustrations have now been put forward as offical entries into the 15th World Children’s Haiku Contest 2017 – 2018 as organised by the Japan Society

House Cross Country Polo Run Results

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10


Well done to every single one of you who took part.

House Football Competition 2017

Well done to all of our Terra footballers!

1st Terra 1131
2nd Ignis- 1080
3rd Aqua – 1040
4th Mistral - 911

Languages Day Quiz Results 2017


1st   Ignis   810
2nd Mistral 770
3rd Aqua 650
4th Terra 480

Thank you to all who took part. All Terra Forms must participate in competitions for Terra to have a winning chance in 2017-18.

Bee Green Day 2017

Congratulations to Terra Form 9S, one of the winning Tutor Groups of the Bee Green Day Competition.

PSHE Presentations 2016-17

Results of the PSHE Presentations which have been taking place this year are as follows. Well done Terra!






Year 7





Year 8





Year 10










Money Marathon 2017


10Z and 9Z were the most generous Terra contributors. Thank you all for your donations.

Full details and results can be found here...

 Terra House Charity News:



To come up with some fundraising ideas for us to raise money for our chosen charity...

Friends of the Earth