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PSHE Lessons 19.06.17:

Year 7 - SRE Talk
Year 8 - Planning for Safety Presentations
Year 9 - Business Day Preparation
Year 10 - Exam week
Year 11 - N/A

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PSHE Prefects 2017-18

Chontice Regan
Aidan Lunn
Nancy Lama
Destiny Blair


June 2017
During this term Year 7 have carried out Citizenship Projects during which each tutor group investigated a health & safety issue as well as learning about presenting and public speaking skills. The project culminated in a competition during which they presented their findings to the rest of the year group using a variety of methods including acting, songs and powerpoints.

Congratulations to the winning tutor groups and to Mistral - overall House winners.

1st - 7W
2nd - 7T
3rd - 7Z
4th - 7V


9th June 2017

On Thursday 8th June 2017 all students voted in the Wavell Mock Election.

The parties were anonymous to enable the students to make an unbiased vote on the policies (click to view) and the results are now in....

  Party A Green 270
  Party B Labour 216
  Party C UKIP 148
  Party D Liberal Democrat 123
  Party E Conservative 58
  Party F SNP 21

March 2017

At the start of the Spring Term Year 10 carried out Citizenship Projects.  Each tutor group investigated a current affairs issue and presented their findings to the rest of the year group using a variety of presentation methods including acting, audience participation, music and even a rap! 



 10th December 2016
 Human Rights Day

Web iconLink to Amnesty International Website

RE is also teaching Human Rights all week

10th November 2016


November 2016
Year 10 Cannabis Debate


'FRANK: Mess with your mind'
interactive video