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We Care to Challenge

 Student Newspaper    Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Dear Sob Sisters

An Interview with Mrs Coombes 

By Jemma and Lily

Lily and Jemma managed to grab a quick interview with everyone’s favourite website manager, Mrs Coombes, in between her very busy day filled with challenges that most people would not understand.

Firstly, we asked about how she came to be the Wavell website manager. She replied that she was already working here as Library assistant but the website looked “unprofessional” and the school decided it needed redoing. The school hired three or four people to do the job, which included Mrs Coombes. After the mission was completed, she was promoted to website manager.

Mrs Coombes also said about how simple the job is now, because the work has become a habit and can do almost everything from memory. She said that she understands the software and has memorised all the jobs that she needs to do.

Another topic that we asked about was the London Marathon that she is taking part in for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in April. She said that as a child she had watched the marathons on the TV and immediately felt a “strong connection” to the race. Later on she also watched the race in real life, and even though Mrs Coombes didn’t actually do any running at the time, she was touched by the atmosphere and it became a dream to one day run it herself. A few years ago, she took up running and then thought to herself, “I will run the marathon!”

And that is why Mrs Coombes is our staff member of the week!