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We Care to Challenge

The Mistral Maiden by Chad Canterbury

   M otivated
    I ndependent
    S uccessful
    T rustworthy
    R esilient
    A spirational
    L eaders 

If you hang out with chickens you're going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles you're going to fly...Are you going to be a chicken or an eagle?


Latest House Point Totals:

Spring 1 2019 Totals

All current Housepoint totals can be found here...

Keep collecting those Housepoints Mistral!

Current House Events 


House Table Tennis Tournament


18th & 25th March

In the Main Hall 3.30pm-4.30pm


House Chess Tournament

Every Wednesday Lunchtime in A3.3 commencing 23rd January for 8 weeks.



House Tutor Group Heroes

7V  Dumbo
7W  Winnie the Pooh
8V    Rosa Parks

8W    Pegasus
9V     Yuri Gagarin
9W    Tracey Curtis Taylor
10V     Tim Peake
10W    Commando - WW2 Pigeon
11V     Carl Fredricksen
11W    Amelia Earhart

 Current House Colour Awards

The following students and staff have received Half Colours for their contribution to Mistral House success.

Year 7
Jasmine Cragg
Luke Myles
Anna Nolan
Autumn Phillips
Charlotte Robins
Jessie Squires
Evie Travers
Harriet Williamson

Year 8
Oakley Beighton

Lily Butler
Olivia Kinsey
George Foster

Elliott Miles
Owen Piper
Redip Scherchan
Archie Smith
Ollie Stevens
Ezekias Thapa
Layla Weller

Year 9
Jack Cartwright
Aidan Kearsey
Joe Sparkes
Izzy Vaz

Year 10
Macy Ayres
Jake Baldwin
Chris Bell

Lucy Bird 
Elise Charbit

Katey Cheetham
Aaron Cox
Owen Crocker

Lael G
Holly Graham
Luke Jolliffe

Megan Kelly 
Lilo Lizio 
Santiago Rodriguez Miguez

George Miller

Year 11
Keane Anderson
Kathryn Austin
Kate Jenkins
Toby McArdell
Lily-Rose Meaton
Millie Phillips

Mr Britten
Mrs Daddow
Mrs Lloyd
Mrs Turk
Mr Watts

Miss Winter

The following students and staff have received Full Colours for their contribution to Mistral House success

Josephine Pinel
An Quan

Heather Williamson
Jessica Brooke
Kathryn Crossingham
Teegan O'Connor

Fleur Andrews
Kelsey Burge
Ellie Head
Jemma Little

Izzy Dunn
Catherine Farley
Molly Florey
Michael Harper
Megan Kelly

Mrs Bunce
Mrs Nicol
Ms Nicholson
Mrs Parkin
Mr Branch
Miss McKie




...represents your different kinds of insights from common sense to practical knowledge, human knowledge, your inspiration and creativity, and your vision

Head of House:

  Mrs Parkin

House Prefects:

  Molly Florey 
  Michael Harper

Latest News:
Table Tennis Tournament 2019

The House Table Tennis tournament scores after week 1 of 2 are: 

Mistral 207

Aqua 99

Ignis 126

Terra 91

House Chess Tournament 2019










Bad luck Mistral, we couldn't quite close the gap on Ignis! Thank you for all who took part. Keep practising for next year!
House Trivia Quiz 2019

14th January - Year 7 Mistral Team came 3rd

21st January - Year 8 Mistral Team came 3rd

28th January - Year 9 Mistral Team came =1st

4th February - Year 10 Mistral Team came 3rd

11th February - Year 11 Mistral Team came =1st


Overall Totals:

Well done to all of our Mistral participants!

House Games - December 2018

Mistral positions in the House sports events in December...

Dodgeball: 1st

Benchball: =2nd 

Cross Country: 2nd

Well done to all of our Mistral Teams!

Christmas Card Competition 2018


Congratulations to Jasmin Simpson 9W for her fantastic drawing which won 3rd place in the Christmas Card Competition this year. Her design is being used for the Christmas Concert programme.


European Languages Day Quiz 2018

Congratulations 11V for winning the European Languages Day Quiz!

World Earth Day Quiz

22nd April 2018

Unfortunately we only came 4th in the World Earth Day Quiz organised by Terra. We need you all to participate in order to have a chance of winning!

House Table Tennis Results 2018

Mistral                   210
Aqua                     210
Terra                       92
Ignis                       464

Bad luck Mistral, Ignis were too strong for us all this time! Thank you to all who took part.

House Chess Tournament Results March 2018

Final Scores

Aqua:14    Mistral: 170    Terra: 151  Ignis: 116

A huge congratulations to our Mistral Chess players. It was a close tournament and you did us proud to come out on top! 

House Basketball Competition Results February 2018

Year 7 Boys    MISTRAL
Year 8 Boys    MISTRAL
Year 9 Boys    IGNIS
Year 10 Boys    AQUA
Year 11 Boys    = IGNIS, TERRA, AQUA
U14 Girls    TERRA
U16 Girls No tournament ran

Massive well done to the Year 7 & 8 Mistral Boys!


On 5th December 2017 We had the pleasure of welcoming Jo Hennessy, Schools and Youth Coordinator for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance to our Mistral Assembly. She spoke to us about the Air Ambulance and their work which was very interesting and informative. 

We then presented her with a cheque for £139.51 which Mistral have raised for HIOWAA, our House Charity, during the last year.

House Charity

Mistral House are fundraising for The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.