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We Care to Challenge

IGNIS: 2017-18 House Cup Winners!



 Current House Point Totals

2017-18: Final Totals

All current Housepoint totals can be found here...

Keep collecting those Housepoints Ignis! 

Current House Events


19th October: Step Out for Step by Step

Wear trainers to school for the day in return for a donation of an item of food for 'Step by Step' Charity.

Current House Colour Awards

The following students and staff have received Half Colours for their contribution to Ignis House success

Thomas Cadman
George Collins
Louis Davidson
Deacon Gribble
Georgia Harper
Turner Noad
Don Quan
Grace Roberts
Suzanne Singh
Leila Verkerk

Robert Appleby
Isabella Kitcher
Rebecca Watts
Lucy Williams

Emma Batchelor
Lauren Cox
Olivia Hale
Lucy Hartley
Freya Joyce
Lily Kendall
Leah Larkham

Eliza Barclay
Harmony Barrimore
Ella Davey
Sam King
Adam Lewry
Sam Rotimi
Abbi Rudd
Caitlin Stott
Grace Theobald
Ryan-Lee Walker

Miss Hill
Mrs Phillips

The following students and staff have received Full Colours for their contribution to Ignis House success

Emily Florey
Toby Tomkins
Aisha Wood
Carys Hoggan
Mrs Walford
Miss Kinch
Mrs Wrenn
Miss Thompson

House Tutor Group Heroes

7U Fireman Sam

7X Fawkes

8U Nyla

8X Steve Buscemi

9U Claudia Winkleman

9X Jeremiah Grimes and Isiah Francis 

10U  John Braithwaite (the younger)

10X Malala Yousafzai 

11U Mahatma Ghandi

11X Benjamin Franklin


Mrs Walford's Hero
       Simon Weston

Miss Kinch's Hero
        Irena Sendler

Miss Thompson's Hero
        Katie Piper



...represents your personal drive and your inner fire


Head of House:

  Miss Kinch 

House Prefects:

  Ella Davey
  Sam King


Latest News:

Ignis have retained the crown as overall House Winners 2017-18! Well done to every one of you that has contributed over the year to our success. Bring on 2018-19!!

World Earth Day Quiz

Ignis came 3rd in the World Earth Day Quiz organised by Terra. Well done and thank you for participating.

Science Quiz March 2018

KS3: 8Z

KS4: = 11S, 11U, 11Y

Well done Ignis Form, 11U!

House Table Tennis Results 2018

Mistral                   210
Aqua                     210
Terra                       92
Ignis                       464

Congratulations Ignis, we are the champions!! Thank you to all who took part.

House Chess Tournament Results March 2018

Final Scores

Aqua:14    Mistral: 170    Terra: 151  Ignis: 116

Well done and thank you to all of our Ignis Chess players who played well but could not match the Mistral and Terra forces!

House Basketball Competition Results February 2018

Year 7 Boys    MISTRAL
Year 8 Boys    MISTRAL
Year 9 Boys    IGNIS
Year 10 Boys    AQUA
Year 11 Boys    = IGNIS, TERRA, AQUA
U14 Girls    TERRA
U16 Girls No tournament ran

Massive well done to the Year 9 and 11 Ignis Boys!

House Trivia Quiz Results February 2018

Well done to all of the Ignis quizzers who took part!

House Dodgeball Competition Results December 2017

Well done Year 10 and 11 Ignis students who came 1st in the House Dodgeball Competition.

Overall results:

= 1st  Mistral and Aqua
   3rd  Ignis
   4th  Terra

Haiku Competition

Thank you for all of your entries, we were the overall winners gaining the most points.

The winning Ignis Haiku:

Heavy footsteps, still.

Then one shrill scream of dismay.

Another, taken.

The winner, Leah Year 9, claimed a £5 voucher and money plant for her winning Haiku

All 4 winning House Haikus and accompanying illustrations have now been put forward as offical entries into the 15th World Children’s Haiku Contest 2017 – 2018 as organised by the Japan Society  https://www.japansociety.org.uk/43217/haiku-contest-15/

House Football Competition

Year 7 - 1st
Year 8 - 1st
Year 9 - 3rd
Year 10 - 4th
Year 11 - 1st

U13 - 2nd
U16 -=1st

Well done to all of our Ignis footballers!

1st Terra 1131
2nd Ignis- 1080
3rd Aqua – 1040
4th Mistral - 911

Languages Day Quiz Results 2017


1st   Ignis   810
2nd Mistral 770
3rd Aqua 650
4th Terra 480

Congratulations Ignis! Thank you to all who took part.

 Ignis Charity


Ignis are currently supporting the Children's Burns Trust, a national charity that focuses on prevention of burns injury, rehabilitation of those injured and support for families and those affected by burns or scolds.