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We Care to Challenge

Chess Club League

2018 Chess Club Champion

        Drew Barnard 8U

  Latest Ladders:

League One
  Updated 18th July 2018
League Two 
  Updated 18th July 2018

House Tournament 2018

Aqua:14    Mistral: 170    Terra: 151  Ignis: 116


April 2017

Congratulations to Toby Tomkins who placed 2nd in the U12/13 Boys & Girls at Hampshire Mega Final on Sunday 23rd April.

This means he has qualified for the second year in a row for the Southern Giga Final. Well done Toby!


Chess Club

Chess Club

 Wednesday Lunchtimes


Chess Club

Students (and Teachers!) from all Years are welcome to turn up and have the chance to rank up the League Ladder. No need to bring your own chess set - we’ve got enough boards and pieces for everyone. See you there!

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Chess Club Rules

1) A player may challenge any other player up to 3 places higher.

2) Once a challenge has been made, neither the challenger nor the player who has been challenged can make or receive other challenges until the match has been played.

3) If the challenger wins the match, he or she will move to the place previously occupied by the player that was challenged. The player that was challenged and any players in between will each move down a place.

4) Don't take the ladder too seriously. Have fun!

Chess Club Roll of Honour:

2018 Drew Barnard 8U

2017 Toby Tomkins 8U

2016 Toby Tomkins 7U

2015 Kameron Prothero 7Y 

2014 Abinay Gurung 8X

2013 Max Everett 11W

2012 Jake Lancaster 11U

2011 Jake Lancaster 10U