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We Care to Challenge

Latest House Point Totals:

Spring 1 2019 Totals

All current Housepoint totals can be found here...

Keep collecting those Housepoints Aqua!

Current House Events 



House Table Tennis Tournament


18th & 25th March

In the Main Hall 3.30pm-4.30pm


House Chess Tournament

Every Wednesday Lunchtime in A3.3 commencing 23rd January for 8 weeks.



Tutor Group Heroes

7T Adam Peaty

7Y Percy Jackson

8T  Sir David Attenborough

8Y  Aqua Man

9T  Moana

9Y  Mark Spitz

10T   Michael Phelps

10Y Bethany Hamilton

11T   Horatio Nelson

11Y   Rebecca Adlington

Current House Colour Awards

The following students and staff have received Half Colours for their contribution to Aqua House success.

Year 7
Grace Dobinson
Alicia Seke
Lily Rogers

Year 8
Connie Pawsey
Emma Wraight

Year 9
Lucy Clark
Thomas Minnaar
Evan Pilkington

Breanna Seke
Isabelle Smith

Imogen Yeo

Year 10
Lauren Hinchey
Megan Hodges

Year 11
Ella Clarkson

Nina Harwood
Raya Kancheva
Louise Smith
Amber Weston
Mrs Sanders-Hewitt
Mrs Jones
Miss Knowlton
Mrs Stanton
Miss Jumeaux

The following students and staff have received Full Colours for their contribution to Aqua House success

Deborah Adolphe
Sidney Robson

Oliver Jeffery

Sam Andipatin
Kiedis Briens
Maisy Carty
Shamira Choubae
Tom Garner
Bethan Hoggan

Isobel Piper
Freya Weston

Mrs Gowers
Mrs Reeves
Mrs Greenwood
Mr Greaves
Miss Woodward



Head of House:

   Miss Woodward

House Prefects:

   Shamira Choubae
   Thomas Garner

Latest News:
Table Tennis Tournament 2019

The House Table Tennis tournament scores after week 1 of 2 are: 

Mistral 207

Aqua 99

Ignis 126

Terra 91

House Chess Club Tournament 2019

The House Chess Tournament is being played every Wednesday lunchtime in A3.3 commencing 23rd January 2019 for 8 weeks.


Scores so far....WEEK SEVEN:









House Trivia Quiz 2019

14th January - Year 7 Aqua Team came 2nd

21st January - Year 8 Aqua Team won!

28th January - Year 9 Aqua Team came 4th

4th February - Year 10 Aqua Team came 2nd

11th February - Year 11 Aqua Team came 3rd


Overall Totals:

Well done to all of our Aqua participants. We did not quite catch Ignis but it was very close!

Christmas Bauble Competition

We Won!!

Thank you to everyone who contributed....

House Sports December 2018


1st - Ignis

2nd - Mistral

3rd - Terra

4th – Aqua


1st - Mistral

2nd - Ignis

3rd - Aqua

4th – Terra 


1st - Ignis

=2nd - Mistral

=2nd - Aqua

4th – Terra

Sports Day Champions

On a fiercely hot Sports Day, Aqua was the theme of the day. Everybody was consuming it by the bottle load and we, Aqua House, were left the happiest having claimed victory- and bragging rights for the next 12 months- over the other Houses! Well done to every single one of you who took part. You all contributed to our overwhelming victory! Read the report here...


World Earth Day Quiz

Aqua came 2nd in the World Earth Day Quiz organised by Terra. Well done and thank you for participating.

Aqua Sponsored Swim

Thank you and well done to all students and staff who took part in the Camberley Sponsored Swim on 3rd March 2018. We had a record number of participants this year - 19 took part, raising £790 for The British Heart Foundation and Water Aid.

Science Quiz March 2018

KS3: 8Z

KS4: = 11S, 11U, 11Y

Well done Aqua Form, 11Y!

House Table Tennis Results 2018

Mistral                   210
Aqua                     210
Terra                       92
Ignis                       464

Bad luck Aqua, Ignis were too strong for us all this time! Thank you to all who took part.

House Chess Competition Results March 2018

Final Scores

Aqua:14    Mistral: 170    Terra: 151  Ignis: 116

We need to brush up on our Chess skills for next year Aqua!

House Basketball Competition Results February 2018

Year 7 Boys    MISTRAL
Year 8 Boys    MISTRAL
Year 9 Boys    IGNIS
Year 10 Boys    AQUA
Year 11 Boys    = IGNIS, TERRA, AQUA
U14 Girls    TERRA
U16 Girls No tournament ran

Massive well done to the Year 10 and 11 Aqua Boys!

House Charity

 Fundraising forWaterAid


Together we can succeed!