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Year 10 Design and Technology Students

enjoy Trip to Design Museum

On Tuesday 26th of September 53 Year 10 students visited the Design Museum, London in order to support their learning for their Design and Technology GCSE.

The current project for Year 10 students is to design and make a lamp using their chosen materials. As part of the Design Museum Trip all students participated in a Lighting Design Hand on Workshop run by a designer. During the workshop students learnt about how lighting can influence our lives, analysed interesting lights and lamps and responded to a brief by sketching and coming up with their own ideas. Students were really engaged in the workshops and enthusiastic about how the workshops helped to inspire them.


The second part of the day involved exploring the Designer, Maker User Gallery, where students could learn about and look at some of the greatest modern inventions and how they came about, from the London Underground system, prosthetics limbs, electronic devices and 3D printing. Students really enjoyed the visit around the gallery and it has helped them to feel more appreciative of the designs and inventions that we rely on to improve the quality of our lives.

The students were a joy to take to the Design Museum and found the trip worthwhile and interesting.