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Design and Technology Staff Social 2015

Wacky Races

On Tuesday 19th May 2015 many of the staff here at The Wavell School came together after work to take part in the Design and Technology Staff Social 2015. There was an excellent turn-out and 8 teams competed against each other to see who could make a balloon car travel the farthest.

Wacky races


Each team had 1 hour to construct and build their balloon car design out of the materials provided- although many competitors also brought things to decorate their cars. The theme for the event was Wacky Races, based on the popular American animation series.

Concentration!Whilst building their balloon cars, guests were treated to some lovely food and nibbles prepared by Mr Bates the Head of Food Technology, transport themed music and Wacky Races key-rings as a gift to remember the event!


Sg BlastBalloon

The hour whizzed past and it soon became time to race the cars. It was excellent to see how every team had taken a different creative approach with their balloon car and many had found the time to decorate it too. The suspense could be felt around the hall as the cars lined up to race and the balloons were blown up members from each team. The outright winner, travelling a very impressive distance and leaving the competition by the wayside was Team Sergeant Blast and Private Meekly with The Army Surplus Special, made by Mrs Potter, Mr Thomas, Dr Griffin, Mrs Payne, Mrs Kocsis and Mrs Blacklock.


A second prize was awarded to the team who were the most creative. This was very difficult to decide as many cars had been personalised, from the battery operated ticking bomb that the Ant Hill Mob had attached to their vehicle, to the sparkly embellishments and feather on the Compact Pussycat car from the Penelope Pitstop team. After much deliberation it was decided that The Slag Brother’s balloon car most closely resembled the Boulder Mobile from the cartoon. Congratulations go to Mrs Evans, Mr Greaves, Mrs Willis and Miss Edminson on winning our Runners Up award.

Thank you to the Design and Technology Team for organising such an enjoyable event!