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Sports Day 2018

On a fiercely hot Sports Day, Aqua was the theme of the day. Everybody was consuming it by the bottle load and the Aqua House left the happiest having claimed victory- and bragging rights for the next 12 months- over the other Houses!


The day took place on Friday 6th July 2018 across the road, at the Aldershot Military Stadium, for the first time ever. Excitement had risen amongst staff and students and the atmosphere was great on the lovely morning stroll across the Army polo field which preceded events upon our arrival. The shade and comfort of the stand was appreciated by all who benefited from it once we were in!

With the field events taking place throughout the morning, school records began to tumble. The highlight from the opening session was Lauren (Year 9) smashing the Triple Jump record with her first jump and then going on to surpass it in setting a New School Best on two occasions. An outstanding effort!

The afternoon began with the Hurdles races taking place- with a team of staff busily adjusting the heights and distances of the Hurdles every few minutes- and then followed the short track finals. The outstanding performance here was from Alysha (Year 7) who set a New School Record in the 600m race before going on to win the same event at the County Championships just a few days later. Huge congratulations!

A big thank you to all those who made the use of the stadium possible. Enormous thanks goes to Mr Murdoch and his team of Soldiers who assisted us on the day, the Garrison for their hospitality and kind use of their facilities, the Wavell staff who contributed to a wonderful day by assisting in so many different ways and of course the students themselves who were the ultimate ambassadors for the entire day.


The PE team are immensely proud and hugely grateful to all those who helped make Friday July 6th a successful day.