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German Lessons for Year 5 students

On the 6th July 2015 four Wavell students (Sophie McNeill, Sarah Butt, Katarina Peters and Rhian Dobinson) travelled to South Farnborough Junior School to teach the basics of the German Language to 3 classes of Year 5 students.

A PowerPoint was made in advance so what we were saying could be seen. We taught them 4 main subjects to them such as; greetings and feelings, numbers, where you live and how to say your name. The German students each took a subject and taught it to the Year 5 students making sure their understanding and pronunciation were correct and helped them if needed. They also played games like the ‘Ball Game,’ which was when they threw a ball to a child and asked them to answer a question in German, which helped  to further their understanding and make sure everyone got a chance to speak.

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3‘I really enjoyed this experience as we got to explore new skills and develop our team work’ said Sarah. Rhian also said ‘It was nice to go back to my old school and see what had changed.’ Sophie said ‘It was fun to teach other people and it was also good because we worked in a team.’ Kat said’ I enjoyed teaching others and it was a good future skill’.